Coronavirus Emergency Response Plan

The COVID-19 coronavirus poses a lot of problems for businesses and organizations today. It’s very infectious, and for some people, very dangerous. If even one employee comes in sick, he or she can contaminate keyboards, countertops, inventory, money, and more. Such contamination at your organization could easily spread the disease to everyone else who works or visits there. This could be a recipe for disaster. You need a coronavirus emergency response plan in place to be ready for an infection or contamination incident.

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Every business has its own unique risks and needs. A nursing home, for example, is full of people at high risk from the disease, and close staff contact cannot be helped. A factory might easily manage safe distancing on the factory floor but be unable to maintain it in the warehouse. We can perform a needs and risk assessment on your business, and figure out unique risks it runs and what its coronavirus management needs are. This assessment will include a list of which activities are critical to your business’ functioning, and which can be temporarily ignored or handled in different ways.

We will use the information that we put together from the assessment to craft an emergency response plan for your business. The first part of this plan will proactively handle the problem by minimizing infection risks. We can achieve this through our preventive disinfection services. This service can lower the chances of coronavirus spreading around your employees and/or customers, and reduce the length of business interruption due to infection. It can also put your customers and employees more at ease by proving that you take their health concerns seriously.

Aside from preventive disinfection, we also create a variety of contingency plans for a variety of infection incidents, based on your business’ unique situation. The plan we develop for you will help you handle everything from a single employee getting sick to a worst case disaster scenario. We will provide you with a complete set of mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of any event, and to keep your business functioning.

But that’s not all. In the event of a coronavirus-related emergency, you need to make sure that everybody in your organization is communicating easily and efficiently. You need to get accurate information out as fast as possible, and prevent the spread of rumors and other forms of misinformation. To help you do this, we will also create a set of communication protocols for your business. These will spell out exactly who needs to contact whom, where instructions will be coming from, and other such issues. It will also include contact lists for all of your personnel, stakeholders, suppliers, and everyone else who matters to your business.

Our preventive disinfection services start with using EPA-registered, CDC-approved, hospital-grade disinfectants to thoroughly sanitize surfaces such as light switches, reception areas, and doorknobs, that get touched a lot and so can spread coronavirus contamination. We follow this up with ULV fogging to disinfect even more surfaces and sanitize the air. Finally, we use air scrubbing machines with HEPA filters to clean the air even further. All the prevention in the world will only do so much, though, if your employees are not careful, so we also provide training and education to your employees about preventing the spread of the virus.

When you have an area that becomes exposed to the virus, our virus response team will put our emergency response plan into operation. This plan utilizes a science-based cleaning routine that adheres to all of OSHA’s regulations governing the cleanup of biohazard materials.

The first step of this plan is to carefully contain the contaminated area so it doesn’t cross-contaminate any other areas.

The second step is putting the entire contaminated area under negative air pressure. That means that the air will always flow from surrounding areas into the contaminated one, not from the contaminated one into the surrounding areas. We take the task of preventing the spread of infection very seriously.

The third step is to thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all of the contaminated surfaces, to remove all traces of biohazard material. All biohazard material is disposed of according to federal regulations and the highest safety standards.

Next, we clean and disinfect your building’s HVAC system, to be sure that no viruses were swept up into them, where they could spread throughout the building’s air supply.

After this, we deodorize the area to remove all cleaning chemical smells.

Once were finished the cleanup process, we test the entire area with adenosine triphosphate testing technology to be sure that it is clean up to hospital standards.

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We provide preventive disinfection services, risk and need assessments, and emergency cleanup services to factories, manufacturing centers, offices, gyms, nursing homes, law offices, insurance companies, car dealerships, and other businesses and organizations. Our cleanup specialists have the training licensing, and specialized equipment needed to handle the coronavirus and all other dangerous pathogens for organizations of all sizes and types.