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We understand the frustration that homeowners and businesses go through when they confront water damage. From pipe bursts to sink overflows and sewage backups, flooding in your home can result in mold damage if restoration isn’t carried out immediately. Service Restoration of Minnetonka is a restoration company ready to help the residents of Minnetonka recuperate from water damage disaster.

Here at Restoration Minnetonka we boast of having a highly trained, skilled, and experienced staff that can help property owners recover from a catastrophe. No matter how severe the damage is, we are a dedicated company that aims to provide you with nothing but the best damage restoration services.


What should you really do if your pipes burst in the middle of the night? This can turn out for a total tragedy if you are not equipped with the essential water damage abilities. During such instances, we can assist you restore and manage the situation.

At Service Restoration Minnetonka, we offer 24-hour management solutions. It is disable that you save our contacts in the event you face an emergency. Whenever you call us for emergency water damage restoration in Minnetonka, you should expect us to arrive in your property within 60 minutes. Our team will immediately begin the restoration process when we arrive.

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Service Restoration Minnetonka is here to help with your water restoration emergency.

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Water Damage Restoration for Minnetonka’s Homes and Businesses

Whether you have a dishwasher overflow, burst pipe, or even a bathroom backup, there is a chance that water damage has occurred in your dwelling. After a water damage accident, it is always a good idea to contact professionals to inspect and ascertain the extent of the damage.

In the beginning restoration Minnetonka, we react fast to control the damage, effectively saving you time and money. Our team of professionals works effectively, producing results without any undue delay.

Complete Water Damage Repair Company in Minnetonka

Water damage restoration is a multistep process and here at Service Restoration Minnetonka, we’ll help you every step of the way. Our technicians will assist you with mitigation, drying, complete repair and build back based on your particular water damage situation. If you need to repair or replace the walls, ceiling or flooring, our builders will offer their professional opinion and help you in any way possible. Irrespective of where your home is located in Minnetonka or the seriousness of the damage, Service Restoration Minnetonka will always be there for you. Contact us and we’ll gladly help you.

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Our Certifications

IICRC – Institute of Inspection, TheCleanTrustCertified

GRP – Green Risk Professional Certificate

RIA – Restoration Industry Association – Certified Restorer

CRA – Cleaning & Restoration Association

IAQA – Indoor Air Quality Association

Applied Thermography Training

Xactimate 28 Certified Level 2

Our Testimonials

Minnetonka’s Choice Company for Fire Damage Restoration

The effects of a fire outbreak on your premises can be devastating. However, the best choice is finding the best way to get back on your feet. With the help of our skilled fired damage restoration team, we will re-instate your property to its former glory.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and this is why we strive to run exceptional fire damage restoration services. After years of experience, we are proud to call ourselves the best fire damage restoration company in Minnetonka.






Minnetonka´s Top-Quality Water Damage Team

Our team of professionals has over 10 years of expertise in the restoration industry, they are licensed and insured to provide professional services in Minnetonka and surrounding areas. We work with all major insurance companies, have an IICRC certification and an A+BBB rating. If you need to hire us, please fill our online form or contact us through (763) 296-1016. Either way, one of our technicians will contact you soon with a free quote.

Flood Damage Restoration for your Minnetonka Home or Business

The demand for houses has been on the rise. As people build more and more homes, flooding is increasingly becoming a headache for new and aspiring homeowners.

Our team will examine the water damage, provide a recovery program, remove excess air and restore your home to its pre-damaged condition.

Minnetonka Emergency Flood & Water Damage Cleanup

At Service Restoration in Minnetonka, we provide a quick and efficient flooding and water damage cleanup. Remember, water damage results from water being at a place that is not supposed to be. As an example, it could result from overflows in your washing and dishwasher machines, pipe leakage, or a backed-up sewer line.

Water can cause severe damages to your floors, cabinets, drywall, cabinets and other items which may be lying on your floor.

No matter the reason behind water damage in your home, we are here to fix it. We promise to provide quality services when you need us. We’re just one call away from you. Make the call today and get the experts to evaluate your situation.

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Fire, water and mold damage can impact your business or how you live at your home. That’s why it is advisable to seek professional help from a reputable company. Understanding how quickly water damage can affect your house or business will be able to help you appreciate your need for a professional restoration once disaster strikes. Service Restoration Company in Minnetonka has been offering restoration services for more than ten decades. Our team of technicians are skilled, trained, experienced, insured and bonded to guarantee reliable professional services constantly. Our quality shows, and you will see the difference. Contact us if you have any inquiries.